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The film is remarkable because it is solution oriented. It follows several patients as they leave “ill care and overmedicated treatment” for some already established – though somewhat ignored – “well-care” methods. And this documentary records that for first time in their search for health, they find renewal and healing!
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A soldier and a dog



Many of us may have experienced relief just walking across a threshold into a place where we know we are loved – unconditionally. Think though what life could be if a calm, peaceful consciousness became our focus where ever we may be, became the perspective for any difficulty in which we find ourselves? Continue reading

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Women and Balancing the “Change of Life”



I’m delighted to share with you an article from my colleague Debra Chew. Enjoy!

My favorite act at the circus is the balancing act. You know, the guy walking the tightrope, balancing each step he takes so that he doesn’t lose his equilibrium and come crashing down. Sometimes life can make women feel like they are walking a tightrope and that the least change will take them off balance and they will come crashing down. Continue reading

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Declaration of Independence serves up some humble pie



“We hold these truths to be self-evident: that all men are created equal…”

July 1776, The Declaration of Independence

But ever found yourself a bit ahead (good!) or coming out on the short end (awful!) of life’s measuring stick? Really, what were those original patriots thinking? For me that sense of equality, a respect of others, can so often get lost in comparisons. Continue reading

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